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Thread: how to turn an angle grinder into a router wood - diy

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    how to turn an angle grinder into a router wood - diy

    Some of my followers approached me and asked for a do-it-yourself rotary-style video. So I decided to make a video explaining how to turn an angle grinder into a router wood. The video will upload to my YouTube channel in the near future. what do you think? Tell me in the comments.

    Of course I don't build the tool for myself, I work with the best tools I can afford. Like I said, I produce material for my YouTube channel and give my subscribers what they want to see. I have tens of thousands of subscribers from third world countries for whom the ability to obtain a branded tool is virtually unknown. Some consideration of the rest of the world is welcome.

    how to turn an angle grinder into a router wood - diy-69175788_719563048468650_185749578841063424_o.jpg

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    If it works and does the job I don't see a whole lot of difference between that one and any other router.

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    This really needs more info. Specifically how are you holding the cutter.

    By the way there is nothing wrong with homemade tools if they do the job to the required quality and are safe. In fact it is a pretty regular thing in most shops to DIY jigs and fixtures. Often a tool is just a step up from that to get something to rotate.

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