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Thread: How the USSR's Antarctic Cruisers were made, tried and operated for 50 years...

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    How the USSR's Antarctic Cruisers were made, tried and operated for 50 years...

    As this entry won't neither go inte the "Wheels" subforum, nor the "Off-Topic",
    I guess it'll have to go into the "Machines" category?

    Here's the story of how to design a really cool ride for the Antarctica: The "Kharkovchanka"...

    (Caution: this video is 36:49... Lingo is in fact English - with a distinctive Scottish twist.
    So here's some Fast Carbs instead, for all you impatient ones:

    0:00 - Introduction & early Exploration
    2:49 - Early Soviet Antarctic Expeditions
    5:12 - Introduction & Successes of the 'ATT' Tractor
    8:14 - Building The Kharkovchanka
    12:08 - Layout & Features
    15:48 - The Kharkovchanka in Antarctica
    21:10 - Design Issues & Possible Replacements
    22:55 - The Kharkovchanka-II
    26:00 - Where are they now?
    30:22 - Conclusion
    31:30 - Outro

    Q: -How could the Politburo be convinced that their scientists would return home and wouldn't defect to the South Pole,
    especially as the "Харьковчанка" was in fact more spacious and well-functioning than their ordinary Soviet apartments?

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    A: Don't send any more fuel for it at the end of the mission.

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