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Thread: ice scraper V3.0

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    ice scraper V3.0

    My ice scraper that I made in college finally broke last winter after 16 years of trusty service (the red & clear one in the photo). Now that I have a lathe, I decided to stop slumming it with CD cases and make a new one.
    The handle is 1" square extruded acrylic rod turned to 7/8" and sanded to satin finish. The blade is 1/4" acrylic plate. Bolts are from a contractor's laser. (the red one is 1" cast round rod and 1/4 cast sheet, and was assembled with acrylic cement).
    The overall look is an homage to the machined BMX stem & bars I use.
    I cut the bevel with a rough cut end mill in my drill press. The corners of these blades always chip off if they're too sharp, so I decided to round them.
    If I like it, I'll make a nicer one. So far, I'm undecided. V3.1 would be shorter. This one is too long.
    I thought that the offset blade would make it easier, but it really doesn't. Looks cool, though.
    ice scraper V3.0-img_0391.jpg ice scraper V3.0-img_0388.jpg ice scraper V3.0-img_0387.jpg.
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