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Thread: IKEA curtain rod to "third hand" supports

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    IKEA curtain rod to "third hand" supports

    I used two curtain rods from IKEA to make two “third hand” supports to help install overhead cupboards.

    These are very simple to make, but only LIGHT duty. The holes placement allows sufficient adjustment of the threaded feet to span the distance between the holes.

    There is sufficient thread remaining in the end to ensure secure holding of the foot in the plastic “hub”.

    The curtain rod tube is VERY thin wall tube. When fully extended, make sure that you leave AT LEAST 200mm (8”) or more of the top tube within the lower tube for “structural” support.

    I already had the feet, so I tapped the holes (8mm) directly in the plastic hub. The feet shown in the images have a very smooth and slippery surface. I would recommend you obtain feet that provide a better grip on their surface. (When I used these, I stuck some none slip material between the feet and the surface on which they were placed (floor and cupboard)).

    The foot “plate” should really be moveable to allow for the angle of the foot when the third hand is in use. It also needs to allow rotation of the threaded shaft (height adjustment).

    This is the second pair of “third hands” I made. I used exactly the same IKEA curtain rods cut in half to make a shorter pair.

    IKEA curtain rod to "third hand" supports-third-hand-ikea-curtain-rod-001.jpg IKEA curtain rod to "third hand" supports-third-hand-ikea-curtain-rod-002.jpg

    IKEA curtain rod to "third hand" supports-third-hand-ikea-curtain-rod-003.jpg IKEA curtain rod to "third hand" supports-third-hand-ikea-curtain-rod-004.jpg

    IKEA curtain rod to "third hand" supports-third-hand-ikea-curtain-rod-005.jpg IKEA curtain rod to "third hand" supports-third-hand-ikea-curtain-rod-006.jpg

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