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Thread: Imperial threads on a Metric lathe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mklotz View Post
    Thanks for the kind words, Ray.

    Tell your students that the programs demonstrate why they should learn math. They show the type of real world problems that can be solved with math - especially so in the machine shop.
    Not just for students Marv, your programs are a great help to some of us older farts who have lost a lot of our math skills due to too many years of not using them frequently enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mklotz View Post
    I would be flattered to have you quote that article anywhere you like.
    I'd be interested to see any responses to it. A Meccano forum probably has many British members and, considering the UK's reluctance to convert to metric, I would expect some spectacularly illogical arguments against doing so. It would provide an interesting counterpoint to the spectacularly illogical Usonian arguments I've encountered.
    Thanks, Marv - appreciated.
    OT: -Haven't gotten around to that just yet, as I've been busy prepping for yet another year at my Uni,
    but also lacking the head of yours, I got myself a Casio FX-991EX "prosthetic math brain" for under 30 bucks.
    Has taken me quite some time to learn/ use all of it's bells and whistles.

    Please don't have any great expectations on the levels of logic regarding the units among the Meccanoists though,
    remember their Kingdom isn't United any more, due to the Brexit thing, their Parliament effectively shortcircuited.
    "Fake news" isn't something new over there - the tabloids have been driving opinion for decades...
    In wanting less Brussels/ EU government - they might get "self-sufficiency la Pyongyang Light".
    Some who voted for "less immigrants" are actually amazed that in two months, they have to apply and pay for visas going abroad.

    2 cents rant - pardon me.

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