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Thread: Installing cylinder sleeves using liquid nitrogen - GIF

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    Installing cylinder sleeves using liquid nitrogen - GIF

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    Those are some good gloves!


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    Dose this affect the the liner metal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oi789 View Post
    Dose this affect the the liner metal?
    No, You can either try to press the liners in at room temp. and risk scraping off part of the bore or not getting them fully seated or use this method.
    One thing to be concerned about is to make sure the bottom land of the block bore is 1 million percent free of any debris.
    This method is a common practice with aluminum blocks, and old cast iron blocks that have been bored out many times then had liners installed to return the bore to the original std. size
    On large diesel engines there is often rubber O rings in groves on the liners as the bores of the blocks are open to the water jacket the liner and the o rings complete the water jacket. The old 2 cycle Detroit's also had ports in the sides of the liners for the intake as they only had exhaust valves their intake ports were near the bottom of the piston stroke

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