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Thread: Integrated child car seat - GIF

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    Integrated child car seat - GIF

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    But then how do you replace them after they "expire" like a normal child car seat?

    ...seriously how did the car seat industry convince regulators that seats expire? Some politician made some money off of that one.

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    How did we ever survive? before there were seat belts car seats or air bags, riding standing up behind the cab in the bed of a pickup truck
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    The harnesses in our racecars are only certified for two years. After that you have to send them in to be re certified or replace them. I always buy new and give the old ones to new racers who can't afford a new harness, but can afford the re-cert fee. Most of the time our cars reside in enclosed trailers or my shop, so UV exposure is minimal, so most times they can be re-approved for use.

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