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    Your description is not clear enough for which direction you want to tilt. Having said that there are many different apps. The issue of tilting from the front is the hood as an angle on the front....that would mean as far out on the sides as possible. Since the car is so open now one could build brackets to mount the hood for hinges. I know on my GTO's they are side mount to the inner panel & weld nuts on the bottom of the hood.

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    Hi Ghostrider 67.
    I saw this on youtube. Thought it looked interesting. Though maybe you could adapt it for your setup. The guy talks about it being a retro fit for an SS Camaro and it's a reverse tilt hood kit. If you watch the video the front of the hood moves up and away from the front panel as it opens. Anyway just a thought. Good luck with the build.

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    Not sure this will help much but my process to build anything is to gather all of the data of the must haves and must dos then I assess the space it must fit in. With these hard measurements I then do the pick and pull crawl and after a couple hours I usually have the parts to do the fabrication. Don't just look at hinges either I normally end up with this or that which when put together become what I need. And if your using gas cylinders for lift and hold you wont need springs so a simple hinge should do it. Basic geometry will reveal its shape so it will pull down a little when shut. .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostrider 67 View Post
    Project "YANKEE EXPRESS"

    I have an issue with the hood though. I sliced away the first 8 inches of the stock hood and made it into a stationary front section and the rest of the hood to tilt open to the front.
    I need hinges to tilt this heavy thing forward while missing the rear lip of the front section, think 69 Camaro, and I cant figure out whether I need to go up first and then tilt or straight tilt.
    Ghostrider, So far almost everyone is suggesting doing it the hard way. While none of them are wrong there is a far far easier way to do this. You want the front of the hood to open upward first Then you want the hood to come forward cantilever style over the front header panel that you have. The solution is 80's Buick, Pontiac, Olds hinges. They are forward tilt and cheap to find in a scrap yard. You can fabricate what you need to make them work in length or offset for you and most of the parts are already made and on the B, P, O cars. You can also use older 5 series BMW hinges They are much more compact but harder to find nowadays. They work the same way. I have a set of modified 5 series BMW hinges on my 56 F-100 and they are slick. Here is a YouTube video of how they work on a F-100. It should give you a starting point and a direction to head... Good luck and PM me if you have questions or need help with this.

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