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Thread: An introduction to my Grinding Rests

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    An introduction to my Grinding Rests

    Regarding my videos we now come to what I think are the most important for many as they show my grinding rests being used for sharpening workshop tools. I say important, as it has become apparent that some have made one but are not fully sure how to use them. This is not unreasonable, as I consider that sharpening workshop tools is, overall, the most varied of all workshop activities.

    The following is a list of the ten which I have already prepared, just possibly there may be one or two more.

    An Introduction to the Rests.
    Lathe Knife tool.
    Lathe boring tool, also applicable to a milling boring tool.
    End Mill, end edges only.
    End Mill, fully.
    Dovetail cutter.
    Slitting Saw.
    Four Facet Drill form.
    Wheel Dressing.
    Centre Punch.

    The one which I am making public this time is, not surprisingly, ďAn Introduction to the Rests. A link to this can be found here Grind Rest, Advanced

    In view of the importance of these videos I am publicising them on all of the English speaking forums which have links to my website. Does anyone have links with a non English speaking forum, if so, I would appreciate it if you can give my videos, particularly those for the grinding rests, a mention.


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    Feel free to make a large post with all of your videos embedded in it.

    Also, we have a page with links to hundreds of forums that link to us. This is a good way to find forums that will likely be very happy to see your posts: Links

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