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Thread: Jointing plane

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    Jointing plane

    Jointing plane-3e8dec37-711c-4748-8b18-709d2d4e2a42.jpg

    This plane is just finished. A jointing plane is also called a trying plane, I think. It is used for trueing boards that will be butted together. This one is 24 “ long, 3” wide and is almost 7” high. The sole is 7/32” thick. I would have made it longer - I have a 30” wooden jointer- but that was what I had. It is all made from salvaged materials. So some of the dings arose before starting and it would be silly to try to file the sole all the way to eradicate them.
    The iron is stamped
    Jointing plane-767c89de-142b-4829-9a6c-9514441dccc1.jpg
    “ Parry & Son
    29 Old St”

    It came from a wormy old jack plane.

    Jointing plane-442647b7-5ca2-43fb-b854-1215e58f64c0.jpg

    The sides are splay dovetailed to the sole. I don’t believe I am doing it correctly. You are not supposed to see the joints. However, I wasn’t as clumsy with peening as with the first attempt.
    Jointing plane-image.jpg

    The infill is mahogany. Mahogany is far too soft, but that is what I have. I believe some infill planes were stuffed with mahogany. It is not as if it will be used very often.

    Jointing plane-image.jpg

    The only way to adjust depth of cut is to tap.

    The only machining was using a bench drill to remove some of the waste and a bandsaw to cut some of the infill. The finish satisfies me, I am not spending any more time sanding it, it is sufficient for use.
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    very nice job. Your planemaking skills are clearly improving rapidly (IIRC you said you were just starting on this discipline with the last one you made.)

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    Nicely done Philip, I was wondering yesterday whilst reading another thread that you had made a comment on as to how your dovetails were getting along and 'voila' here it is. Well done.

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    Beautiful work.

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    Thanks Philip Davies! We've added your Jointing Plane to our Planes category,
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