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Thread: Kerosene Transfer Pump

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    Kerosene Transfer Pump

    I got tired of those "D cell" battery operated kerosene pumps. They are junk! This is my version and it works great. It is a GM automobile fuel pump. I removed it from the sender/pump base and built a base of hardwood. It uses an 18 volt drill battery. I cut the top off of an old charger that I had to use for the battery contacts, a small push button switch and some various plastic fittings and some fuel hose. I used a
    Genesis Battery, one full charge will pump 10 gal before it starts to lose power. It has worked for about 2 years now with no problem. I suppose it could be used to transfer gasoline as it is all self contained (no open sparks from the motor) as it was immersed in the tank. I have a band saw so making the base was pretty easy.

    Kerosene Transfer Pump-img_1913.jpgKerosene Transfer Pump-img_1921.jpgKerosene Transfer Pump-img_1922.jpgKerosene Transfer Pump-img_1968.jpg
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