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Thread: Knife grinding jig for the belt linisher (or grinder if you are not english)

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    Knife grinding jig for the belt linisher (or grinder if you are not english)

    apologies for my language as always, this is my new set up for putting lovely bevels on blades, there are a few basic patterns that people use when making these jigs, most make use of the work table and as I am intending to batch produce some machetes and parangs in order to fund my new workshop I needed something capable of putting a bevel on an 18" blade meaning id need a table 3' wide which just seemed silly so i went with this fixed point style guide.

    benefits of this style are
    1. no table required
    2. tool stays in fixture for both sides of blade rather than having to turn it and risk introducing errors if it is not located correctly
    3. easier to keep blade cool in and out of the coolant as it is on the end of a stick so i can dunk it in the water bucket on the floor without leaving my perch!

    1. no table required! table is very useful for everything else i use my linisher for and this fixture gets in the way of non bevelling operations.
    2. grind angle changes depending on curvature of the blade, length of the blade fixture and length of the blade so a perfectly straight blade will have a finer grind at the ends than the centre if the centre of the blade is directly over the pivot when perpendicular, I actualy want this in order to make better parangs which traditionally have a heavy grind in the centre and finer at the ends but anyone doing something similar should be aware of this and treat it as a negative if long bevels of a consistent angle are desired.

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