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Thread: Lantern chuck for nylon wear sleeve

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    Lantern chuck for nylon wear sleeve

    I may have ordered the wrong wear sleeves as I needed some for a 1" diameter rod the ones that came in had a 0.970" ID by 3/32" thick and 1/2" tall. Which actually would have otherwise been correct had I needed bushings for a 1 3/16"+/- 0.003" diameter cylinder bore fitted in a 0.985" diameter piston grove. However the rod I have is 1.003" and I needed these sleeve bearing to slide freely on it As I had not already made the bore where the sleeve would be installed there was only 1 problem the bore. To solve this I made another lantern chuck one with a good snug fit for the OD to allow me to relax the bore diameter slightly
    So a new old stock reusable hose end seemed the logical choice to make the holder out of there is what I did
    I selected the size fitting I would use
    Lantern chuck for nylon wear sleeve-img_20220620_155443lc.jpg
    then in the band saw I cut away much of the excess
    Lantern chuck for nylon wear sleeve-img_20220620_160007lc.jpg
    leaving this
    Lantern chuck for nylon wear sleeve-img_20220620_160631lc.jpg
    After cleaning up the ends boring to size and tack welding a washer in the end of the nut this is what I had
    Lantern chuck for nylon wear sleeve-img_20220620_183024lc.jpg
    After boring the washer to 1.010"
    Lantern chuck for nylon wear sleeve-img_20220620_183250lc.jpg
    I clamped the sleeve bearing inside and bored that to 1.0095 or close enough for checking with a dial caliper
    Lantern chuck for nylon wear sleeve-img_20220620_183301lc.jpg
    Lantern chuck for nylon wear sleeve-img_20220620_183344lc.jpg
    Just a little debur needed now
    Lantern chuck for nylon wear sleeve-img_20220620_183404lc.jpg

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    Thanks Frank S! We've added your Lantern Chuck to our Workholding category,
    as well as to your builder page: Frank S's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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