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Thread: Laser tube cutting machine - GIF

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    Finally! Something a bandsaw can't do better. . .though far less capital investment.
    4th axis lasers and plasma aren't very common yet. I've looked into having a pair of shear front gauges made from seamed tube and flat stock. It'll have to wait.
    Or I figure another way to taper tubing and slot the flat stock. Normal milling machines don't have sufficient travel.
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    The sound this machine makes when cutting is very cool. The pulsing and echo of the tubing kinda makes it sound like it's ripping the metal.


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    The pipe profile cutting machine we had used a plasma or a oxy/gas torch. A 5 jaw chuck on the power head and up to 12 meter long 600 mm diameter pipes could be loaded on to it the cutter moved back and forth along the length of the pipe while the pipe rotated cw or ccw With adapters for the chuck geometrical shaped materials such as sq/ rt tubing angle bars channels and beams even flat sheets could be cut if a table was affixed to the rails.
    The problem I see with the laser machine in the vid is the tubing has to travel longitudinally while the cutter head is stationary next to the chuck. this would be an issue for making very long cuts along the length of the tube.

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