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Thread: Lathe Boring Bar Holder

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    Lathe Boring Bar Holder

    My milling machine boring attachment finally arrived from China. 50mm so needed 12mm boring bars.

    I have been one of those cowboys that clamp a round boring bar directly into my lathe tool post

    But looking at these nine beautifully ground boring bars I could not see myself damaging that shiny surface by clamping them directly in the tool post.

    So I had to quickly fabricate a boring bar holder. I do not have a 4 jaw chuck but had to face off a 30 x 30mm bar and put a 12mm hole through the center. After some careful calculations it turned out that 2 5.5mm spacers under 2 of the lath jaws and the 3rd on one of the corners would center the block as close as dammit is to swearing.

    Then I determined the height it needed to be on center to the chuck and welded a piece of 15 x 15 sq to its side.

    Lathe Boring Bar Holder-boring-bar-holder-1.jpg

    Lathe Boring Bar Holder-boring-bar-holder-2.jpg

    Question to the purists out there... Should I slit it and move the screws so it rather clamps the bar then still pushing the caps onto the boring bar?

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    Thanks garage nut! We've added your Boring Bar Holder to our Tool Holders category,
    as well as to your builder page: garage nut's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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