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Thread: A lathe cross-slide table

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    A lathe cross-slide table

    My Mori Seiki MS850G lathe has dovetails on the cross slide for mounting an optional rear tool post. I thought it might be handy to have a table mounted to the cross slide that could be used to clamp items for line boring, in the way that some lathes have t-slots built into the cross slide. The dovetail bars provide both location and clamping. I made a pattern of holes tapped 1/2-13 to accept standard milling machine stud kit pieces.

    Unfortunately, the table doesn't give me the the horizontal boring machine I'd like to have! A vertical stage would be nice to set the table height instead of having to pack the part up or attach angle plates to the table and then try and get the parts attached to them. Another issue is that I recently installed a DRO on the lathe and the X axis scale covers the rear dovetail on the cross slide, so I'd have to remove that part of the DRO to use the table.

    Oh well, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but the best laid plans . . .

    Details are on this page of my website:

    Euro Spares - Tools - Lathes

    A photo of my lathe when it was delivered:

    A lathe cross-slide table-mori028.jpg

    The completed table and dovetails:

    A lathe cross-slide table-moritable1.jpg

    The table on the cross slide:

    A lathe cross-slide table-moritableonlathe4.jpg


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    Nice lathe, good work

    Comments are always welcome

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    schaublin 102VM

    Quote Originally Posted by rossbotics View Post
    Nice lathe, good work

    I have the same type of cross slide on my schaublin 102 VM , and also the DRO mounted on the cross slide,
    interesting idea, but can't miss the DRO ......

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