Letís Build a Box! (Yawn)-img_1184.jpg

Ayuh! Iím building boxes this week. In fact, Iím building 12 of them for a local non-profit fund raiser. The boxes will all go to local professional artists so they can create whatever works of art they wish on the bare, unfinished boxes. The boxes will then be collected and auctioned off towards the end of July.

Boxes are fairly simple and straight forward, so I didnít bother drawing up any plans. Theyíre easy enough for anyone to make, and whatever size hey wish to make them. Iím simply sharing how I made these boxes. (I apologize in advance).

Many thanks to all my subscribers for participating, commenting, liking, and sharing my videos. I very much appreciate your continued support of my YouTube channel. Itís a lot of fun for me, and I hope this trend continues.

Here's the video: