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Thread: Lightning hits sailboat - GIF

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    Lightning hits sailboat - GIF

    Lightning hits sailboat.

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    Quickie tip:
    Get 2 pairs of cheap starter cables from the nearest gas station,
    cut away all the insulation, leaving the copper bare.
    Clip one of each to each stay at the deck - fore & aft, starboard & port,
    and let the other end down at least 6 feet in the water, hanging loose.

    Theory: This shunts the lightning's plasma canal flashover, that when entering the water cause a steam explosion,
    which not seldom blows a few holes in the hull at the waterline, which isn't what you really need.

    Link to Uppsala University's Institution for High Voltage Research: (Swedish only - try Google translate)
    For "Swedish impaired":

    2 cents
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    I know of a large sailing yacht which was struck by lightning and the owner still had not straightened out all the damage to the boat's electrical systems 5 years later. It was a really nice boat before that happened, now not so much. Grounding cables are a must have and I know of boats where the aluminum mast is electrically carried through the hull to a metal plate made into the keel for always on lightning protection.

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