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Thread: LM3886 amplifer - shiny frame

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    LM3886 amplifer - shiny frame

    Hi all!
    I just finished the new frame for my LM3886 amplifier.
    As usual, steel frame, sturdy, no vibrations, no heat, it's like an heavy anvil, motionless

    15mm square tube, 1,5mm thickness. 2mm aluminum plates, hand polished.
    I built all parts mounted in the front panel, binding post and led holder.

    I modified the power supply with a better transformer, new caps (I built this amp, old version, 16years ago) with different capacity for a lower ripple and better sound. The LM operational amp seems not critical even with switching or not well regulated power supply. I will mount Schottky diodes, for top grade rectifier.
    The led is an ultrabright UV type, connected to main 230v AC rail with cap-diode-resistor.
    RAL6011 color, I chose powder coating from a good local painter.

    That's a 50w amplifier - 8ohm load with +/- 35v DC power supply. I'm using with satisfaction as subwoofers amplfiers. It sounds nice also as main amp, I advise this circuit for good listening session, above all if you require more than 8watt /channel. I bought from old National selected and genuine opamp, not the poor quality China counterfeit parts available everywhere.

    If someone is interested, that's the datasheet, you only add a dual rail power supply.

    LM3886 amplifer - shiny frame-dsc04119_1600x1200.jpg LM3886 amplifer - shiny frame-dsc04120_1600x1200.jpg LM3886 amplifer - shiny frame-dsc04121_1600x1200.jpg

    LM3886 amplifer - shiny frame-dsc04109_1600x1200.jpg LM3886 amplifer - shiny frame-dsc04108_1600x1200.jpg LM3886 amplifer - shiny frame-32150262_10215962401875609_1679838288732487680_o.jpg

    LM3886 amplifer - shiny frame-31913980_10215910226211250_8809336356296720384_o.jpg LM3886 amplifer - shiny frame-31218648_10215841945984287_60990391029071872_n.jpg LM3886 amplifer - shiny frame-31183500_10215839855972038_6322278416187916288_o.jpg

    LM3886 amplifer - shiny frame-31064308_10215820523488738_2408031104503119872_o.jpg LM3886 amplifer - shiny frame-30762554_10215820522128704_2130216165778128896_o.jpg

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