Good Day Sirs!

My wife and i are looking to buy this roller die cutter .. but the roller die cutters in the market are either too expensive too small or is not available in our country. the machine i am aiming to pay somebody to make in my country sorta looks like this ... .
the machine works like this : the blade is enclose in a wooden frame, i then place the paper on top of the blade and place another layer of plexi glass ... so it sorta like a sandwich.. i then roll this sandwich into this roller mechanism which presses the sandwich .. resulting in the paper being cut . Sorry for my english! i am not familiar with how to explain to the metal works man on how to make this rolling mechanism and how to ensure
that the roller is not going to break .. do i use a solid metal roller ? or an hollow pipe ? how can i make the rolling pin roll ? do i have to [i dont know how to explain this... its sorta looks like a donut with balls in it] .
well practically this machine is like a dough roller but instead it presses a blade to cut paper.

i have tried to hire a machine works guy to make a press ,,, but sadly having a press is not good for it requires manual pressure to force my dye to be cut and its pretty hard to use . I did abit of research and it seems this kind of system of pushing my "paper sandwch" in a roller is more practical and faster to use . + the machine the guy made did generate enough pressure ... but somehow he failed to make the plates alligned so it only cuts a portion of the paper....

Again sorry for my english, i do not have much skills in the workshop and i'm looking for your help , maybe you have a similar machine i could copy and use to implement for mine.

Thanks a bunch !!!!