Make a Wood Frame for Canvas Paintings-100_1216.jpg

Here's a great way to make a few extra bucks if you know any artists (painters of oils and acrylics) in your area:

Many artists are painters, using both; oil and acrylic paints with a preference for painting on canvas. Canvas is an age-old substrate used as a painting surface and is traditionally stretched and fastened onto a wooden frame.

This video shows you how to construct small to mid-sized wood frames and get them ready for canvas. There are a couple of “tricks” or considerations one must pay attention to, but they are addressed in this video.

Making wood frames is a great side business for home-based wood workers, especially if you live in an area nearby towns or areas considered to be “art colonies.” This is because many professional artists prefer to stretch their own canvas rather than buy the cheap, “ready-made” canvas from the big box art stores. Some artists do make their own frames too, but most prefer not to go that route if they are available from local wood workers for reasonable prices.

Frame “kits” with “some assembly required” are available from art supply stores but are usually quite expensive. The kits are offered in standard sizes, and local wood workers can custom build frames to any size an artist may need.

If you are just starting out as an artist and would like to see how canvas is stretched onto wood frames, I will have a subsequent video available shortly, covering the subject. I’ll also have a couple more videos available soon that will show you how to prepare the canvas for oil paints, and acrylic paints.