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Thread: Make Your Own SOLDERING IRON

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    Make Your Own SOLDERING IRON

    This video shows how to make a simple soldering iron using easily available materials. **WARNING: Be careful when you work with electricity and making this kind of heat generating tools. Any actions in this video shall not be a call to repeat them! The author shall not be hold liable for any of your actions performed.**] You can use this super hot soldering iron for soldering thick wires and all other heavy duty needs. A 12V, 10A DC Car battery Charger is used as power source here. The solder head (a piece of thick copper wire) is mounted on a wood . Caution: Because of the leakage of current, this soldering iron is not suitable for sensitive electronics works.

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    Thanks HandmadeCreativeChannel! We've added your Soldering Iron to our Electrical category,
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    The demo early in the video of how to solder two wires together is not the right way to do it. Tinning two wires with solder then laying them together and heating the solder between them results in a poor connection. A joint should be mechanically secure and is made that way by twisting the two wires together BEFORE heating and soldering them, and flowing the solder into the connection.

    This video was extremely hard to see what the type of wire was used to make the iron work. The length of the wire, type and wire size(diameter) all come into play when figuring out the amount of heat is generated, and the amount of current in amperes needed to heat it.

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