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    I am having to replace some gears on my L1500 DT Kubota tractor and while I am waiting for parts, I thought I would paint it. While trying to mask the wheels, I found out that masking tape doesn't like to stick to rubber. I went down to Home Depot and bought some aluminum flashing and fit it to the outside of the wheel, to keep the overspray off of the tire. The curvature of the flashing, because it comes in a roll was easy to install because you just open it up to fit and then tape it on the inside and the outside and it stays. I used clear packaging tape and it worked well. Before I installed the flashing, I soaped the entire tire with Dawn concentrated dish soap with a brush, being careful not to get any on the wheel. I then installed the flashing and primed and painted it without fear of overspay getting on the tire. There is an advantage also, when covering the tire with soap, when the paint dries and you wash off the soap, the tire looks new. This will work on any size wheel not only this 24 inch wheel. As an addition to this, I will tell you that the front tires were painted in a like manner except, the flashing was not used, but the soap was and as a result, the primer and paint built up on the tire, but when the paint dried, the primer and paint washed off easily. Using the flashing was less work and proved to be an easier job. So, I thought I would share this idea with you even though others have probably done this before. Bob, here are a couple of pictures.MASKING AND PAINTING A TRACTOR WHEEL-img_0342.jpgMASKING AND PAINTING A TRACTOR WHEEL-img_0343.jpg

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