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Thread: Metric Screwcutting

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    Metric Screwcutting

    My Contribution to Go Create Hobby Machine Shops "Baby Vice" as featured on this forum, a project by a collaboration of 9 Home Machinists from all over the World for a "Not for Profit" Veterans Metal / Artwork Workshop in Alabama USA making them 3 of the Walton Baby Vices
    My contribution the "Tee Nuts", In this Part 1 (of 2) includes how to single point screwcut small M5 metric threads on a Imperial Myford lathe without the expensive full set of Metric change wheels.

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    Thanks Mr. Factotum's Workshop! We've added your Metric Screwcutting on an Imperial Lathe to our Machining category,
    as well as to your builder page: Mr. Factotum's Workshop's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Dear Mr. Factotum, how our problems and thoughts resemble: Just some days ago I finished a table how to cut (approximate) imperial threads with a metric (pitch 1mm) spindle and a cheap set of POM gears. In most amateur cases the nut thickness is less than 10-threads. A difference / error of 5/100 mm (2 thousandths) within 10 threads is not noticeable.

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