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Thread: Mini castle ghost town - photo and video

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    Mini castle ghost town - photo and video

    Burj Al Babas, a $ 200 million ghost town in Turkey filled with mini castles.

    Fullsize image:

    8:14 video:


    Giant shared swimming pool - GIF
    Roundabout holdout - photo
    Highway built around house - GIF
    Houses surrounded by parking lot - GIF

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    That brings back nightmare images from when I was first visiting my fiance out here in Phoenix. One day, I took her car to go to the grocery store, and when I got back to the subdivision, I was pretty sure I could get to her street, but I couldn't remember her street number. So, I drove around her subdivision of cookie cutter, three-car-garage, stucco, red tile roofed houses pressing the garage door opener button and looking for which one was going up. And I had a good excuse why I couldn't just stop and ask directions.

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