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Thread: Mobile Base For Cast Iron Table Saw

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    Mobile Base For Cast Iron Table Saw

    This video shows how to build a mobile base for a cast iron table saw or any other heavy machine that needs to be on the caster wheels for mobility.

    Sliding table saw has been my dream ever since I started the woodworking journey.
    This state-of-the-art sliding table saw is much cheaper than the well known brands, and beats many of them with its features.

    This industrial grade heavy duty table saw weighs about 400 kg = ~ 880 lbs.

    It was a real challenge to move it to the mobile base with the casters, which I show how to build and move to in this video.

    I used the steel angle bar 1/4 inch thick and 2 inches wide. I welded it using the coping joint (not miter) to add the extra strength because of the longer total welding line.

    I used the heavy duty casters, which can be lowered until the rubber foot sits on the ground. This way your machine won't move during its operation. And whenever you need to move it, you can raise the casters rubber feet, thus allowing the wheels to roll.

    Table Saw Cast Iron, Sliding,: Heavy Duty, 12 Inch, Industrial Grade:

    Heavy Duty Casters (max 2200 lbs):

    DC Inverter Welding Machine:

    Welding Corner MAgnets:

    Welding Rods E7018:

    Makita Cordless Grinder:

    SKIL Wired Grinder:

    Steel Cutter Disc:

    Stainless Steel Bolts M6:

    Table saw features:
    It is a 4 HP (horsepower) = 3000 W (Watts) very powerful yet very quiet inverter motor machine, which leaves most of other table saws far behind.

    The maximum cutting capacity of 4 inches (101.6 mm) is also impressive with its 12 inch blade diameter. I always wanted to be able to cross cut 4 inch posts, which are often part of my favorite furniture design. Now I can!

    The extremely precise fence moves seamlessly on the ball bearing mechanism, and locks firmly without a slightest shift, on both ends of the table, which guarantees it won;t move, even when big pressure is applied.

    Very much like Harvey style saws, it features a super heavy duty swivel arm supported sliding carriage, with its own aluminum t-slot cross cut fence, which can be adjusted to any angle. The carried rides on the stainless steel rail, with 2 rollers on top and bottom of the rail, thus ensuring maximum precision of the cross cuts. The sliding table can be adjusted in every direction, to achieve the perfect accuracy. The swivelling arm also uses the ball bearing, which makes using this table saw a real surprise and pleasure. I have never used a table saw that was THAT smooth in operation.

    DADO 32 mm = 1 1/4 inch
    Thanks to being a 4 horsepower machine, this table saw can seamlessly use up to 32 millimeters or 1 and a quarter inch DADO BLADE SET, which is probably one of the biggest max dado width capacity on the market. Even with the dado set loaded to the maximum capacity, this table saw cuts through like a hot knife through the butter.

    Despite featuring a 3000 Watts motor, it will surprise you with how quietly it operates. It is thanks to the inverter motor, which cuts through the hardest woods and aluminum like a piece of cake. The machine is not even too disturbing to the neighbourhood. IT really sounds gentle and doesn't annoy you or others nearby.

    This machine is designed to work 24 hours a day in a factory or in a hobbyist's workshop. It is made with the super heavy duty prerequisites, and every single component is made from the heavy duty materials. Cast iron table tops, solid steel 1/2 inch insert, stainless steel rails, aluminum fences, ball bearings, blade height and angle wheels are solid steel as well.

    I use 220V single phase, because of the location that doesn't allow me to use 3 phase power.
    However you can opt for any power source of your choice. The machine will be sent to you with the power option you prefer. Just make sure your power outlet can deliver over 3000 Watts = 4 horsepower.

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    Thanks tiger carpenter! We've added your Table Saw Base to our Storage and Organization category,
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    Vry nice work. I've learned the hardway the importance of casters under machines. I dread the thought of moving the machines in my shop that where easy to install in my 30's. Now that I'm 60 + I really need to do retro fits like this.

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