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Thread: Moncrief disappearing gun that uses recoil to conceal gun - GIF

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    Moncrief disappearing gun that uses recoil to conceal gun - GIF

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    why ? The minute it fires the second round everybody know where it came from.
    bit like the stealth jet shot down as it took off in the gulf
    still impressive piece of engineering and inventiveness, the Germans had them in circular turrets that retracted underground. Allied aircraft couldn't see them but the Russians walked up to the front door chucked grenades in and shot until the Germans surrendered - big guns no more. was aired on Abandoned Engineering Yesterday tv channel , couldn't find it i was going to post.
    I suppose its concept took nothing from battleships which were so heavily gunned nothing could get close to them and were next to impossible to hide, apart from a striped paint job.
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    The idea was not really to conceal the gun it was to provide protection to the gun and crew and reloading. The gun is exposed for a very short time to fire and that is all. I have seen working examples, it's a good system but it was invented in a time of massive change and was quickly obsolete.

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