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Thread: Morphing airplane wings - videos

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    Morphing airplane wings - videos

    FlexSys morphing wing demonstration. 0:40 video:

    Interestingly, morphing wings were an important component of the Wright Flyer, the first heavier-than-air powered aircraft built by the Wright brothers. Note the system of pulleys and cables used to twist the trailing edges of the wings:

    Fullsize image:

    2:11 video demonstrating the wing warping mechanism developed by the Wright brothers:


    NASA technology to fold airplane wings in flight - video
    Pivoting wing NASA airplane - GIF and video
    wing snaps off plane, whole-plane parachute deploys safely
    1950s fighter jet bomber wingtip coupling experiments - photo and video
    Riout 102T Alérion Ornithopter flapping wing airplane - photo

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