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..... I didn’t have a oscilloscope to test my theory, maybe I should now.
For anyone contemplating getting an oscilloscope, or lusting after one I would suggest having a look at those boxes which use a laptop or other PC for the display and processing options. Basically these are a box of silicon bits connected to a laptop through USB and connected to the work with normal instrument leads. Picoscope seem to be the leaders in this field, check out https://www.picotech.com/products
The 2000 series start from around $100 up to the 9000 series at over $11000.
You have to spend a lot more for an equal digital oscilloscope without the extra power that a PC gives. There are 2 and 4 channel models, ..... heck, I am not going to list all the features here, read the specs if you are interested. A few days back I planned to mill some PCBs but as I was doing a test cut in air I noticed that the Z axis was ratcheting down with each drilling up and down. I spent too long testing using the CNC MDI features with gauges on the quill. Then I connected a two channel Picscope up to the Z scale A & B channels and the problem was obvious within a few seconds and I was easily able to confirm the fix without having to run the mill.
Just in case anyone gets the wrong idea, I have no association with Picoscope, I am only a satisfied paying customer. My only regret is that I did not get a four channel model.