This short video shows my motorized turntable in operation. It spins at approximately 3 to 4 revolutions per minute and is intended for use in displaying crafts at artisan & craft fairs.

The turntable shown is operated with 110v ac (plug-in), but a battery powered version is available.

This was the very first video I ever made and the first one I posted to my Youtube channel. It was filmed with antiquated equipment and without any editing software. So....yes....I'm aware it sucks in terms of video production.

I posted this only because this is something very simple, easy to build, and has a variety of uses.

Simply cut a circle (size of your choosing) from plywood, build a square box (I left the underside open for easy access), and install "lazy susan" hardware from the big box store. Power is from a barbecue rotisserie motor from Amazon. The drive shaft was a section of 5/16" square bar that fits into the motor drive socket, and I welded a short piece of 1/8" x 3/4" flat bar to the other end with holes drilled in both ends. The flat bar end was fastened to the underside of the plywood circle. The drive shaft extends through a hole in the square box, and the motor mounts on the underside of the box, slipped over and onto the drive shaft.

The turntable was made from scraps; the cost of the "lazy susan" hardware was about 5 bucks, and the motor was about $16.00

This was built for a table top, mini - Christmas Tree auction held by a local non-profit as a fund raising event, however making one of these has many other handy uses. You could use it for displaying various merchandise in a store or at craft shows. You can also use it for spray painting small items in your shop, getting even coverage without having to handle the object. You can also use it to animate various figures in a holiday display.

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