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Thread: My Expanding Drill Press Table

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    My Expanding Drill Press Table

    I found that often I needed additional support when drilling long items but I didn't want to have to set up support stands and then take them back down just to drill a few holes in an item over 4 feet long. I also didn't want to risk damaging the project or myself while trying to support the object whether a 4 foot piece of wood or a 4 foot 3x3 angle iron with 1 hand while trying to lower the quill with the other. So I came up with this. I had an old dining room table with that was gathering dust while waiting to be converted into something and I saw that it had some old wood slides on it that served to expand it for a leaf. Well those slides worked out very nicely on my expanding drill press table. The top itself is a laminated piece of MDF so it is easy to wipe clean. It normally measures 31" wide by 24" deep but if I need extra table surface or support I can pull out the 3" extensions up to 14.5" each side giving me a working surface of 60" , 30" to each side of the spindle. It aids in accuracy as well as safety, and much quicker than dragging out supports setting them to correct height etc. My fence is adjustable front to back and has a 1/4"x 1/4" rabbet along the bottom edge so my work piece will sit firmly against the fence. A locking stop with a micro adjustment feature rides along the top for repetitive hole drilling. The main section has a track that accommodates clamps with T nuts
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails My Expanding Drill Press Table-dsc06562.jpg   My Expanding Drill Press Table-dsc06563.jpg   My Expanding Drill Press Table-dsc06564.jpg   My Expanding Drill Press Table-dsc06565.jpg   My Expanding Drill Press Table-dsc06566.jpg  

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