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Thread: My welding cart

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    My welding cart

    I designed this cart to hold my welder and plasma cutter, look cool and be functional. It holds my Miller Multimatic 200 and 675 X-treme 625 plazma cutter. I went a little overboard with the Miller blue paint and soft close drawer slides, but what the hell, they add to the cool factor.

    Now that I've been using it for a little while I see the need for some changes or modifications. I wish I included a spot to store the cords, a hanger for my helmet and another for the filler rod tubes. Even without these I love the cart. It works great for what I need which is just for hobby use.

    My welding cart-img_1676.jpg

    My welding cart-img_1696.jpg

    My welding cart-img_1699.jpg

    My welding cart-img_1709.jpg

    My welding cart-img_1725.jpg

    My welding cart-img_1727.jpg

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