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Thread: Mystery press process - GIF

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    The mystery is what kind of oil is being extracted...

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    Intuitive guess: The extract is excess Kakishibu (Persimmon) dye.

    From a site listing some Kakishibu Cotton for sale:

    "Kakishibu is traditional Japanese persimmon dye. Highly regarded and collected in Japan and across the world. This cotton was hand dyed by an artisan in Kyoto. I was lucky enough to find a large batch from the same artisan. Botanical persimmon dye reinforces the fabric and provides a water resistant coating. Thick like denim, this cotton is highly durable. Two edges have a smooth selvedge and two have been cut and sewn in."

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    It's soy sauce, probably the thicker variety. After the ferment, they load the contents of the fermenting vessel(s) into filter pads and press out the raw sauce. It's then cooked to stop the enzymatic action that made it into soy sauce and bottled. This looks like a small press, so it's likely an "artisanal" sauce folks pay a premium for.

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