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Thread: Need help putting flange on steel panels

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    Need help putting flange on steel panels

    I have a number of .29 gauge steel panels, the longest being 27' . The panels are 39" wide.

    I would like to form an offset flange on one long side of each panel, so that when laid over another it is a flush fit.
    I am thinking of some type of hand help roll former. Maybe 18" long with a pair of offset bead roller dies to form the flange, and a pair of small guide/stabilizer wheels on each outboard end. A small hand crank would be sufficient to turn the dies.

    I hate to try and reinvent the wheel so thought I would ask the great minds here if they had already seem or used or built such a device.

    Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated.

    Thanks, the Old Fool.

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    Ron B's Tools
    have you had a look at the tools roofing guys use to flange long run roof sheets?
    Need help putting flange on steel panels-beading-flanging-machines-159174-l.jpg
    Beading and flanging machines
    this would be an expensive thing to buy but I am sure that it would be simple enough to build...without the computer controlled part. at 27 feet in length I would imagine a power feed will be necessary also.

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