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Thread: New award trophies

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    New award trophies

    We've implemented some new award icons. You can see them all here: Homemade Tools Forum - Awards .

    Thanks to member feedback, we've added a new award category: Best Documented Build. We'll be awarding this monthly to the best overall documented build. The winning build does not need to be documented via text description; it could also be: photographs, video, drawings, plans, 3D printer file - any sort of highly detailed description, depiction, or demonstration that makes it easier for others to reproduce the homemade tool.

    We've also removed the "Junior Member", "Member", and "Senior Member" titles. Thanks to those who gave feedback on this; the "Junior" and "Senior" nomenclature was based on post count (0, 30, and 100 posts respectively), and wasn't particularly indicative of merit or forum seniority. They've been replaced by a series of five specific awards for 10, 100, 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000 posts. In addition, users can now specify their own custom user titles by clicking on "Settings" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and then clicking on "Edit Profile" in the left-hand "My Settings" box.

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    That Best Documented award is a good one to add, as there are members here who really take pains to explain the logic and methodology of their build.

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    Jon, I think this is a good rework of the awards system, and by the way, I like the new logos !
    So, I'm now working for my bronze nut score, hence this post ( )
    The well documented award is a good introduction, it is, as you say, a good thing to encourage people to rebuild and improve.
    Some, on other social networks, retweet, and people count their retweets, so here, we can have rebuilds, and we could count also our rebuilds !

    Thanks again to the great HMT staff !

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