We've added some new homemade tool awards, visible here: Homemade Tools Forum - Awards.

First of all, we added a new 25-Time Tool of the Week winner award. We have a couple of guys getting inevitably close to the 10-Time Tool of the Week award, and we wanted to make sure that there's always a difficult challenge available for them and others. Here's the award trophy graphic and accompanying postbit award icon:

And, we added an entirely new "Must Read" award for people who have started the most discussions that were ultimately moved into the Must Read subforum. This includes a 10-Time, 25-Time, and 50-Time Must Read award. This gives us an opportunity to recognize the achievements of builders who have posted a lot of notable homemade tools, but may have posted multiple ones in the same week, or during a week when other tools were also posted in consideration for the Tool of the Week award. Removing the weekly time requirement from this award allows its use for recognizing the long-term merit of contributions. In addition, members can start discussions that can ultimately be moved into the Must Read subforum even if they do not contain a specific homemade tool build.

Here are the Must Read award trophy graphics, and the accompanying postbit award icons:

10-Time Must Read Discussion award:

25-Time Must Read Discussion award:

50-Time Must Read Discussion award:

We already have two builders qualifying for this new award, and you may notice the new award icons in their postbits. Congratulations to rgsparber and rossbotics, who both have had 10 or more of their discussions moved into the Must Read subforum. Here's the count of builders who have had more than 1 of their discussions moved into the Must Read subforum:

rgsparber => 15
rossbotics => 10
Paul Jones => 9
astroracer => 9
Christophe Mineau => 7
mr95gst => 6
scorch => 5
Brendon => 5
mklotz => 5
Captainleeward => 4
machiningfool => 4
MetalDesigner => 4
jniolon => 3
Hotz => 3
xynudu => 3
immortalx => 3
Jerrdan john => 2
Imabass => 2
Vyacheslav.Nevolya => 2
robert62 => 2
The Fe Factor => 2
kess => 2
hardtail69 => 2
oldtimer => 2
stingraygs => 2
knoba => 2
PJs => 2

If you see a discussion that you think should be moved into the Must Read subforum, feel free to suggest it, or just click the "Thanks" icon accompanying the post.