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Thread: New shop building

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    New shop building

    New shop building-img_0150.jpg
    This my new 48'X36' steel building, the right hand side is wood working and the left is automotive (2 post lift coming) welding and blacksmithing with propane forge. Under threat of being deleted for not posting this is the least I could do ~ . But seriously this is my dream workshop building erected in the last 4 months, I'm part way through installing plywood wall cladding and am installing exposed electrical, compressed air and gas lines so that the space can be easily reorganized. Woodworking side has oak veneered plywood but I am installing Sande 3/4" ply on the metal side which I might paint white.

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    Very nice, thanks for posting!

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    Very nice, and very jealous. It would be wonderful to have that much space but I'm afraid my TAS(tool acqusisiton syndrom) would go into thermal runaway Having to work out of a 19'x20' garage limits how much I can shoe horn in and is probably the only thing keeping me from becoming a hoarder.

    Thanks for posting and please update us when done.

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