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Thread: Northrop YA-9 ground attack aircraft - photos and video

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    Northrop YA-9 ground attack aircraft - photos and video

    The YA-9 was a prototype ground support aircraft developed by Northrop for the United States Air Force A-X program . It lost to Fairchild Republic's YA-10 which entered into production as the A-10 Thunderbolt II.

    2:10 video:


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    I doubt you'd be able to land that thing with ordinance attached–even with the wing spoilers

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    The A-10 wart hog, which won the fly off with this YA-9 plane, lands with full load if necessary. However the design differences are a BIG help allowing it to do this.
    A-10 engines are mounted on the body of the plane aft of the wings. That makes more lift available at the wing. The plane was never designed to be a go fast plane....but it can fly at about 450 knots if it has to. It has 11 pylons, 1 more than the YA-9. 3 of the pylons are mounted on the center line body of the aircraft. Munitions loaders called the A-10 the flying bomb dump.

    I was a missile man in the 1970's in the Air Force. Sending out 10 Maverick missiles to one plane would stick in your mind for a long time. The Gau 8 gun 30MM is a HUGE chunk of machinery, nearly 20 ft long, mounted in the body of the airplane. Since only the front one foot end of the 7 barrels are the only part that shows the guns size is not apparent. Google "The Gau 8 gun 30MM dimensions" and select images to get a pretty good view of that monster. The nose landing gear has to be off set to the side because of the GAU 8.

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