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Thread: Not a tool, but a useful philosophy

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    Not a tool, but a useful philosophy

    This evening I watched a webinar on testing and measurement.
    The one thing that I took away from it was this quote:
    "You can't change what you can't measure" by Paul "Scooter" Brothers of Comp Cams.
    Of course it is not true, you can change anything. I would rephrase it like this:
    "You shouldn't change what you can't measure"

    Scooter was replying to pressure to get a CNC cam grinding machine, the products of which should have been better than their ability to check them. He insisted that they buy an Adcole first (the Rolls Royce of cam profile measuring machines) which measures down to a tenth of a micron. Then get the CNC grinder. Sound advice.

    My own cam measuring device only reads to 1 micron. That will be the subject of a future post but it will take a while to prepare so don't hold your breath.

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