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Thread: Nuts-and-bolts vise jaws - video

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    Nuts-and-bolts vise jaws - video

    Nuts-and-bolts vise jaws. By Mr SunY. 3:09 video:

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    A waste of good hardware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floradawg View Post
    A waste of good hardware.

    I don't see it as a complete waste of time and hardware, though it is rather limited. First, it eats up a lot of the clamping range of the vise. Second, I'm not convinced you could do any seriously energetic work on anything clamped in the vice without losing the part or tool you're working on. Might be good for holding stuff to wire brush, or light filing. Using pieces of heavy angle iron, cut to replace the original jaw, and with the the nuts in line with the original face of the jaws, and more nuts, with narrower heads might work better and be stronger. Not something I'd bother with unless I had a very specific need, and not much of anything else to do.

    Looks like he's going for something like a poor man's fractal vise. And not quite making it.

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