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Thread: Occasional lever feed for SB tailstock

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    Occasional lever feed for SB tailstock

    Made for use with my plug in live spindle to facilitate peck drilling with tiny drills (smallest I have is .7mm). Uses the spare hole in tailstock originally designed for a grease pot. The only mod to the lathe was to drill and tap the feed screw for an extension, Made from the scrap bin so not pretty but it works for the times I need it. The main curved bracket allows a more natural forward movement to the handle and gives clearance for the lock down lever. I changed the chuck on my live spindle for a taper mounted 0 to 6mm Jacobs one as I was not happy with run-out on the old Archer chuck, it has now become a hand held pin chuck.
    I only have to remove the hand wheel, drop in the linkage (just a couple of minutes) and its ready for use. And of course I had to make a stopper for the mounting hole to keep it clean.
    Occasional lever feed for SB tailstock-lever-1.jpgOccasional lever feed for SB tailstock-lever2.jpgOccasional lever feed for SB tailstock-lever-3.jpg

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    Certainly interesting, not sure if I need one.


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    Thanks olderdan! We've added your Tailstock Lever Feed to our Lathe Accessories category,
    as well as to your builder page: olderdan's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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