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Thread: Peeling hard-boiled eggs after my table-saw accident.

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    Peeling hard-boiled eggs after my table-saw accident.

    This not about tools, per se, but about Methods of Work (note the caps!)

    A week and a half ago I had a table-saw accident.

    It was a freak accident and it gnarled up my right index finger and cut my left thumb some. I'll tell that story another time (with pictures for the gory-minded), but suffice it to say I'll regain almost all motion, and I get my post-surgery splint off next Friday.

    While recuperating I wanted hard-boiled eggs to eat. And a few years ago I found THE SECRET on how to cook perfectly peelable hard boiled eggs (and it really DOES work!). So, this morning when I peeled the eggs my wife shot this little video of peeling one-handed (and LEFT handed at that!)

    For your viewing pleasure:

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