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Thread: People standing behind a passenger jet - GIF

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    That beach is located at Princess Juliana Airport in Saint Maarten in the Caribbean.

    The stupid tourists attempt to hang onto the wire fence as the jets depart. Great sport and the occasional Darwinian correction...

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    Maho Beach Video

    I spent a day on that beach several years ago, but only at the edge of blast. I have a video that I took of a takeoff and I thought I was a safe distance, but ended up getting a bit of 100 mph sand hitting me.

    My favorite photo from that day.
    People standing behind a passenger jet - GIF-1000-dsc_2215.jpg

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    a woman was recently killed doing this, she coudnt hang on and got her head slammed against the concrete curb..

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    St. Maarten certainly suffered during the hurricane. Was there around this time 2019 and the destruction could still be seen everywhere. So many boats tossed ashore or destroyed in the coves. So many houses and hotels blown down. Crazy place, no street signs, virtually no traffic lights, crazy inclines, narrow crappy roads, but the people were great.

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