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Thread: pivioting fork carriage

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    pivioting fork carriage

    When I had to work out of a shop that had a small entry door but needed to get long items through it on the fork lift this is what I came up with for my guys to use
    I lost the function of 2 hard drives and lost 90% of my old photos and documents. Some things though were burned to disks and I have been trying to search through some of them for any recoverable data last night I found a few pictures of some of my things embedded in some presentation files
    I made the carriage out of 1" ASTM 514 grade b (T1) plate in 2 pieces 1 pieces hooks over the forklift carriage and is clamped on place the other plate is the pivoting carriage plate the pivot hinge was made out of a 2" rod from a hydraulic cylinder
    pivioting fork carriage-swivel-fork-carriage-2.jpg
    Obviously carrying the load to the side means the capacity is greatly reduced we soon learned that about 1/3rd the lift capacity was fine as long as the load was kept tight in to the carriage and we didn't try to raise it very high off the ground while in the 90 position.
    pivioting fork carriage-swivel-fork-carriage-3.jpg
    A close up cropped view shows it a little better
    pivioting fork carriage-swivel-fork-carriage-23.jpg
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