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    Quote Originally Posted by Beserkleyboy View Post
    Mate, I'm a Steptoe's bowerbird...a mate had a great saying that I adhere to...'handy if you never need it...' my wife picks up stray hardware on the ground whenever she sees it...a few screws, nuts and the always handy washers...I have a small parts drawer bank that has bits and pieces I've collected since 1980, and is always the go to before going to the hardware ..and more times than not, successful! The only downside is too much gear, but the only regret is that I will burden my survivors with the 'deconstruction' task. I have made it quite clear that on my leaving, the local men's shed gets first choice at no cost, then the balance to auction...They all will have a field day! Wish I would be there! Cheers
    Like you I've been collecting since late 60's. Every weekend I'd be helping my dad during the late 50's & 60's & he would send me to the hardwate store at least 4 times every saturday. We need this, gotta have that 7 oh if we mix a bigger batch of concrete we can do that little step so of the the hardware on my pushie for another bag of cement: had to watch the wobble on the way home cause if i broke a bag of cement.............Anyway I started to store all manner of screws, nails, bolts, tacks and now when all is obsolete I'm likely to have a square cut tack, real brass screws,wriggle nails, lead heads etc etc I'm a real horder!

    That is why I just had to have that "1 OF" ripped 1/2 a numberplate to mount on my shed.Some get a grin from that too.

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