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Thread: Portable Chop Saw Cart

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    Portable Chop Saw Cart

    My latest build is a roll-able cart for my Evolution cold cut saw. Followers of my projects may remember that I had this chop saw built into the bottom of my welding table but plans have changed since. Back then, the welding table was to be only used outside with my Mig welder but last year I bought a Tig welder and the table has been living in the front of my garage so it's blocked in by cars. It stays there permanently but using the saw inside is a no-no with antique cars nearby due to hot metal fragments flying everywhere!

    Because of the chips that go flying when cutting, the plan has always been to use the chop saw outside. It was time to make a cart specific to those needs. This saw is very heavy and using it on the ground is no joy.

    To make this roll better on dirt and un-even surfaces, I went with 10" pneumatic tires on the rear as it is designed to tip back like a hand truck when needed. Inside the garage or on smooth surfaces, it can roll upright on all four tires. (3 inch casters on front)

    This cart has fold out legs on both sides that have an adjustable wedge designed foot to deal with uneven surfaces. (wedge design was seen on both my roller stand and bench vice buddy creations) No tools are needed to use this cart, just pull a detent ball pin on each side and the legs unfold. On each side is an adjustable mount for a roller and also a flip up stop. (red parts) These can hold a fair amount of weight but if I need to cut anything really long and really heavy like I-beams (lol), I would use my portable roller stand which can span to any distance. (most times I'm only dealing with 8-10' lengths at the longest)

    All that is fine for straight 90 degree cuts but what if you need to make an angle cut? The rollers won't be in alignment with the work piece. Got that covered with a swivel top! Set the fence on the saw to the desired degree and then pull the side pin on table. The table rotates to the left up to 45 degrees so your work piece will align with the infeed and outfeed rollers for support.

    I may eventually find a use for that extra space on the bottom but for now that's not been decided. Maybe some angle grinder storage? I've also got a few improvements I'd like to make but will wait until I start using this to see what I like and don't like first.

    This is made from 1 inch 16ga steel square tube, 1/8 angle iron, expanded metal and 1/8 sheet for the top. Colors are Rustoleum Lagoon (aqua blue) and Gray Hammered.
    Portable Chop Saw Cart-csc1.jpgPortable Chop Saw Cart-csc2.jpgPortable Chop Saw Cart-csc3.jpgPortable Chop Saw Cart-csc4.jpgPortable Chop Saw Cart-csc5.jpgPortable Chop Saw Cart-csc6.jpgPortable Chop Saw Cart-csc7.jpgPortable Chop Saw Cart-csc8.jpgPortable Chop Saw Cart-csc9.jpgPortable Chop Saw Cart-csc10.jpgPortable Chop Saw Cart-csc11.jpgPortable Chop Saw Cart-csc12.jpg

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