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Thread: Post driver pile driver

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    Post driver pile driver

    This is the tool that made me first discover this website. It was previously discussed on a different thread but I finally have a video of it in action.

    I was talking to a farmer friend of mine and he said that he purchased one and spent a pricey $9,000 for his. Yeah I'm sure his looks nicer and probably nicer features but he said it is essentially the same machine.

    First video is previously seen on here and is a walk though of my design.

    This video was taken this weekend of me using it. I have driven many 6x6 wood corner posts and now I am driving 3 inch pipe.

    Warning. Awful metal on metal screeching noise in the video. I plan to paint this and after I paint it I will lube up the slide to help take some of the dreadful noise while using it.

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