Prep Bare Canvas For Oil Painting-100_1222.jpg

Many artists are painters, using both; oil and acrylic paints with a preference for painting on canvas. Canvas is an age-old substrate used as a painting surface and is traditionally stretched and fastened onto a wooden frame. The bare canvas must then be coated and prepared to accept oil paints. Oil paint on bare canvas will rot the canvas material and make it disintegrate. The canvas is initially treated with PVA glue (Elmerís white glue), and then coated with ďground.Ē

This video shows you how to prepare the bare canvas to accept oil paints after it has been stretched over a frame. Iíll also share tips and tricks on how you can mix your own coatings (ground), using commonly available materials. The materials I use are much less expensive than the special preparations sold for this purpose at art stores.

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Here's the video: