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Thread: Printing ceramic baking pan design- GIF

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    Printing ceramic baking pan design- GIF

    Printing ceramic baking pan design.


    Immersion printing - GIF
    immersion printing GIF
    Plate painting machine - GIF
    Fabric printing machine - GIF
    Dabbing designs onto mugs - GIF

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    Pad transfer printing. The product is glazed and fired, for markings about as durable as this casserole dish for oven service.

    Another version, hot-stamping, uses raised figures on a silicone sheet, the 'die'. The silicone is bonded to .06-.09 aluminum, perimeter drilled for flat head screws. It's heated by wire elements,while a paint covered film transfers the impression, film is dispensed from a spool.
    Very common for graduating measuring cups and polyplastic containers. They can be oven-use (glass or ceramic) or not, but dishwasher safe.
    Built numerous fixtures for these, aligning some mark, say 4 quarts to a felt tip mark, filled with that amount. The sets had long service life, until the pad became damaged. Not exactly rocket science, but the company had lots of different containers.
    Second largest molding company worldwide, privately owned, Huntington Beach, CA.
    Nope, not Rubbermaid/ Sunbeam........

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