Recently, we were experiencing mid 30's and above temperatures and our puppy needed clipping so I booked him into the local groomer. There was a wait time of nearly 2 months. Our daughter did a temp groom (but couldn't get to the knots causing most of the concern), as seen in this pic.

PUPPY COAT-rsz_dsc_1152.jpg

The late summer heat ended abruptly at the time of the booked grooming. The groomer wanted to remove all hair but I suggested she give him a schnauzer trim around the face as no serious knots existed there. He went from a little Chewbacca to a meerkat. Result was single digit temps and a pup with no coat.

PUPPY COAT-rsz_rsz_dsc_1263.jpg

We went shopping and the smallest coat was way too big & retailers were caught with the sudden cold snap. I bought the smallest one which is spotty like a leopard. We had one that was too small for our other 4 legged family but he walked straight out of it (green striped one) So my wife suggested a stretchy sleeve. These were good, but he would wet them while toileting.

PUPPY COAT-rsz_dsc_1684.jpg

Days are mostly warmish and he laps up the sunshine. PUPPY COAT-rsz_dsc_1322.jpg
His own coat is growing.

Prototype done all that was needed was some fine tuning. Another jumper and a pair of kids jeans. We haven't had frosts yet but some nights the spotty coat is placed over the other one he is wearing.

PUPPY COAT-rsz_dsc_1695.jpg PUPPY COAT-rsz_dsc_1717.jpg

Happy Chappy. Still haven't spotted the right size coat.

Cheers; if you are caught out you too may be able to improvise.